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We offer safe, effective, and affordable circumcision services near you. We use a variety of circumcision techniques, which are effective methods of circumcision to provide quality care for patients of all ages in Adelaide.

We can help you with:

We help parents with their newborn, infant, toddler and 10 years + children’s circumcision procedure.

Yes, we are able to help our adult patients if they require a circumcision for religious or medical reasons.

What to expect at our circumcision clinic?

At the initial appointment we discuss and explain the procedure.  The method/ technique being used, risk vs benefits and pain-management solutions. At this consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

After the initial consultation we schedule you for the procedure. The scheduling is subject to availability of appointments and equipment. However generally a procedure can be scheduled within a week of the initial consultation. Once the procedure begins, it takes between 15-20 mins to complete.

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