Frequently Asked Questions

Although circumcision is often associated with infants, the procedure is commonly performed on men of all ages. At Adelaide Circumcision, we can perform a circumcision for on adult patients.

At this point in your life, getting circumcised will likely be due to the health benefits it can bring. Some of the main motivations can be:

  • Phimosis. This is a condition where the foreskin of your penis is too tight, making it difficult to pull back. You should see a GP in this case, who may recommend circumcision.
  • Paraphimosis. If you have a tight skin and force it over the head, you could end up with it getting stuck. This is an urgent medical condition.
  • Balanoposthitis. If you commonly get bacterial or fungal infections, this can lead to inflammation and discomfort.
  • Having your foreskin removed can mean that there is less chance of contracting an infection from a sexual partner.
  • You may also want a circumcision for cosmetic or personal reasons. Regardless, we will be willing to consult with you and provide the procedure you need

There is some level of discomfort when local anesthesia is injected into the penis area. Although, after the numbing has taken affect there will be little to no pain. Post procedure there might be some pain but this can be managed with topical or oral pain relief options.

Though there may be more discomfort and pain when getting the procedure as an adult, as opposed to an infant, the pain can be controlled with Oral Analgesia. We use a local anaesthetic to numb the area before operating.

If you intend to get your child circumcised, it is best to do it as soon as possible. The ideal age is within the first two weeks of a child’s life, as newborns are less aware and will recover from the procedure much faster. It is an important decision that you should discuss with your spouse, trusted family and friends, and of course your doctor. We offer consultations to all our clients to confirm that circumcision is the right choice for your child and help guide you through the process — before, during and after the procedure.

Please visit the baby circumcision or adult circumcision page for applicable costs.