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It's a well-known fact that men or pre-adolescent boys undergo circumcision for various reasons. In some countries, circumcision is the norm because it signifies being a part of a particular religion or culture. However, there are also instances when adult men should get circumcised, such as phimosis or urinary tract infection (UTI). Adult circumcision might …


Circumcision is a medical procedure in which surgeons remove the foreskin of the penis. The process carries benefits such as the solution to a foreskin not retracting, preventing irritations, promoting excellent hygiene, and deterring infections. Meanwhile, adult circumcision is less complicated than newborn circumcision. However, it will still require stitches. But how should men prepare …

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Circumcision is one of the first significant decisions made by baby boys' parents. It is an optional procedure where the doctor will remove the skin sleeve that covers a boy’s penis. For some, you should do it on a newborn, and others see it done when they are a little older, while others forgo the …

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