Male circumcision (MC) has been done for centuries, and despite the surgical procedure being a common practice all around the world, the techniques used in American and European countries have stark differences from their Chinese and other Asian counterparts.  Putting the spotlight on Chinese male circumcision, a new technique is booming as it offers an …

newborn baby

With parenthood comes a ton of challenges and choices that you need to overcome and make. One of these choices is whether or not you should have your baby boy circumcised. Of course, this choice can be based on many parameters, such as your religious beliefs and the like. However, it can still be a …


Men may opt to get circumcised as adults for a variety of reasons. Some people need circumcision to treat illnesses such as Phimosis (an abnormally tight foreskin), while others prefer it for cosmetic and personal reasons. A man can be circumcised at any age, whether he is 18 or 86, if he wants to be …

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