Adult Circumcision

Yes, we are able to help our adult patients if they require a circumcision for religious or medical reasons.

First Consultation:

We generally require a patient to come and see us for an initial consultation unless traveling in from a long distance. If you are traveling in from elsewhere other than Adelaide please call the reception staff and let them know. We would preferably do a phone consult first and make an assessment if we can offer you a procedure the same day you come in to see us the first time. At our first meeting, we go through the different options of circumcision techniques. For Adults, we use the Shang Ring Method. The method and anesthetic technique are discussed. The risks, benefits, and costs involved are explained. Informed consent is taken from the patient. We then schedule the procedure for you. The scheduling is subject to the availability of appointments, equipment, and theatre room facilities. However generally a procedure can be scheduled within a week of the initial consultation.


We want to make the process as simple and painless for our patients as possible. We use a variety of different circumcision methods.

Benefits of Adult Circumcision?

At this point in your life, getting circumcised will likely be due to the health benefits it can bring.
Some of the main motivations can be:
- Phimosis: This is a condition where the foreskin of your penis is too tight, making it difficult to pull back. You should see a GP in this case, who may recommend circumcision.
- Paraphimosis: If you have tight skin and force it over the head, you could end up with it getting stuck. This is an urgent medical condition.
- Balanoposthitis: If you commonly get bacterial or fungal infections, this can lead to inflammation and discomfort. Having your foreskin removed can mean that there is less chance of contracting an infection from a sexual partner. You may also want circumcision for cosmetic or personal reasons.

Regardless, we will be willing to consult with you and provide the procedure you need. What to expect on the day of the procedure Though there may be more discomfort and pain when getting the procedure as an adult, as opposed to an infant, the pain can be controlled with Oral Analgesia. We use a local anesthetic to numb the area before operating.

Post Procedure Care

We’ll cover the wound and provide instructions on how to properly care for it for the next few weeks. During the first few weeks, refrain from any sexual activity or agitating the wound.


At the initial appointment we discuss and explain the procedure. The method/ the technique being used, risk vs benefits, and pain-management solutions. At this consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have.


There is a cost for the consultation before the procedure. This can be bulk billed if the patient has/will get Medicare. Medicare will not provide a rebate for Circumcision performed for religious or cultural reasons. There is a medicare rebate available for medically indicated circumcision.

Age Cost
Adult (18 Years and over) $1170

Where Circumcision is being performed for medical reasons there is rebate of 226.05 AUD. This can be claimed back from medicare only if circumcision is being performed for medical reasons. You will be provided a receipt if this is the case so the rebate can be claimed back.

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